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In year applications

Make an application for a primary or secondary school place for your child or children during the school year if you have moved or want to apply for a new school place. You can choose up to 6 schools and put them in order of preference on your application.

You can make an application to any school in Redbridge except for:

If you want to apply for these or any other private or independent school in Redbridge, contact the schools directly.

Before you start please read these important documents (click the headings)

  • If you are applying for voluntary-aided (faith) schools, you will need to complete an extra form called a Supplementary Information Form. If this is the case, you should complete this form and return it directly to the school.

  • The details provided on this form may also be sent to other boroughs/ schools / government departments in order to process your child's application and monitor data. The Authority must protect public funds and may use the information to prevent and detect fraud. We may also share this information, for the same purposes, with other organisations, which handle public funds.

    I understand that in the event that it becomes apparent that any of the information I have provided is fraudulent, the Children's Services Authority reserves the right to withdraw any place at a school that has been offered.

  • Before we can make your child(ren) an offer we need to see proof of your address in Redbridge.

    You will need to send us 2 documents from the list below:

    • Council Tax bill
    • Rent book
    • Tenancy agreement and a copy of your Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme coverage or other deposit protection as applies to the tenancy
    • Utility bills, e.g electricity/gas, water, landline phone which must show the home phone number, broadband contract (all dated within the last three months)
    • TV licence
    • Current UK driving licence

    It is best if you can scan or photograph your documents now so you can upload them into your online application.
    If you need to stop at any point, you can return to the form later without losing any of your entries.

  • In addition to the proof of your address we may need to see other documents related to your application. These include

    • Adoption papers
    • Evidence of the child being looked after
    • Proof of the child's address if different from yours

    You will need to create electronic versions of these documents. You can do this either by

    • Taking a picture on your smartphone and upload it to your computer
    • Using your home computer printer/scanner
    • Go to a Redbridge library and use the scanners there

If your child has Special Education Needs, Do not fill out this form but instead contact the Special Education Needs Team for more information.

This process should take about 20 mins for one child and a further 10 mins for each additional child

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