About the Council Tax text messaging service

The new Council Tax text messaging service is now available. The service will help you to remember to make payments on time and avoid extra costs.

Who sends the text messages?

The text messages are sent by us, Redbridge Council Tax department and will show as “LBRedbridge”. This service is confidential, your mobile number will not be shared with third parties. You will not get any other marketing messages to your phone.

Changing your mobile number

If you change your mobile number and want to continue using the text messaging service, please complete this form with your new number.

How it works

To sign up to the new service please complete the form below:

PLEASE NOTE : If we have your mobile number in our Council Tax records you will start to receive this new text service automatically.

What is the address of the property where you are living and paying for council tax?

Enter the postcode where you live and pay Council Tax.

Tell us your address

Let us know where you live and we'll customise redbridge.gov.uk to show information that's important to you. This will set a cookie

Redbridge address missing? Choose an address

I dont know the postcode

If you can not find the postcode on a letter or other document and the address is in the Redbridge area, please use the map page and enter the address in the search box, the result will display the postcode.

If the address is outside Redbridge try entering the address into a search engine website.

What is your Council Tax Account Reference Number?

This is your Council Tax account number as quoted on your Council Tax bill. It will consist of 8 digits beginning with 4.

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