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Highway Search Enquiries

A highway search can show whether a road or path is public highway and is maintained at public expense. The search will show the approximate extent of the highway and adopted roads around the property location you are enquiring about.

You can use this form to request a highway search for properties in the London Borough of Redbridge. If the property is near a Local Authority boundary, you may want to contact the neighbouring Council.

If your search includes multiple roads, you will be required to complete the form for each road.

To complete this form, you will need:

  • a valid postal address
  • the floor number if the property is within a larger multi-storey development
  • a payment card (credit or debit)

We will not be able to process a search that only includes a developer plot number. If your property or land cannot be easily identified, a site plan may be required.

The fee for a single property search can be paid through our secure online card payment system. VAT is not applicable.

  • Adoption Plan - £75
  • Traffic Scheme - £38
  • Full Highway Search - £275